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Captain Christian is back to Zoom – who’da thought!

This time he is sharing a tale told to him by one of his clients, and he felt he had to make a vlog out of it. But it highlights an interesting moral, if you’re going to step away from an online meeting, make sure you don’t leave your mic on. Watch to find out more.

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Captain Christian.

If you would rather read, than watch…

“Zoom Fail!” – IT Support Episode 119

We’re back to Zoom.

Who’da thought.

So this one is a shout out to Dr. Anna, she’s one of my contacts and clients on LinkedIn. She responded to a post I put up recently and what she responded with had me….

She was on a group Zoom call then a moment in the session came up that she said was less relevant to her so she thought it was a perfect moment to duck out of the meeting and go and get something to eat.

Now, she said she entered the room and there was a bit of a nasty smell there. So, all of a sudden she yells at the cats.

“Okay, which one of you…”

Dropped the kids off at the pool.

Don’t be suspicious.

The laughter that came back out of the computer highlighting, “Dr. Anna had left her microphone on.”

So the moral of this story, if you’re going to step out of a meeting on Teams or Zoom turn your camera off and def…

Because let’s face it, it could be a personal phone call, a confidential matter with a colleague. You don’t want that going down the information superhighway. And certainly, if you get a big pet fail moment like Dr. Anna did.

It may be a laugh but it could also be incredibly embarrassing.

Until next time.

I forgot the last bit.

Until next time.

Zoom Zoom!


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