The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Support (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 9

So remote support has been around for AGES, but how it works and how flexible it is as improved massively over the years and certainly enables us to do more for you.  However some of the challenges of two decades ago, are the same today…  Humans!  We can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

We love looking after you, and remote support enables us to do more for you, and more quickly, but this episode of the vlog has a couple of useful tips in it to help us, help you.  So watch this episode for the first of some helpful advice in engaging with your remote IT Support service.

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Big claw reaching out trying to take Harvey the boxer dog and his IT equipment.

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“The DOs and DON’Ts of Remote IT Support” (part 1) IT Support Episode 9

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”.

And this week I want to talk about the DOs and DON’Ts of remote IT support.

A couple of things have been highlighted by the team DOs and DON’Ts – if you like.

A couple of IT tips for good practice with remote IT support. We’ll start with a do, DO step away from the keyboard.

Trust me, there is nothing that winds up an IT support engineer more than while they’re trying to control your computer and either write the wrong that you’ve created or help solve that problem when you are busy fighting with the keyboard.

(keyboard warriors fighting sounds)

Trying to do this, when we’re trying to do the same from back here and in addition to that, a very specific


As miraculous, as some clients have described, our ability to take remote control of your computer and solve those niggly problems or make it just work again, after it’s failed you, when you really need it, there’s one thing we definitely can’t do.


cause we can’t see you when you’re pointing at the screen, saying, “It’s there, it’s… no! I mean that bit th…”

No we can’t see you.

Even if you’ve got a laptop with a webcam or a more modern desktop screen with a webcam in it if we’re looking at you and you’re looking at us we still can’t see the perspective of you, going – There! There! I mean there!

Yes, please take that into account.

And just to finish, remember, no one likes a backseat driver!

Until next time.

(magical finger snap)

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