What is PoE? IT Support Episode 71

In this video, Captain Christian explains what PoE (Power over Ethernet) is, and how it can make your network work better when using CCTV, business phones at home or the office and most importantly help you with your wireless network.  Specifically so you can locate your wireless access points in the best places without needing a power socket there too.

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“What is P.O.E.?” – IT Support Episode 71

What is PoE?

And before I lose you, it is actually something really useful to know.

I hear you, what is PoE?

It stands for “Power Over Ethernet” and what it can be used is for devices like these, which is a wireless access point, to power them without needing a dedicated power supply or power socket, very convenient if you don’t need to make sure there are power sockets everywhere. Believe it or not I’ve got a power over ethernet network switch in my house that powers a number of devices including CCTV, two of these wireless access points and my work-from-home business telephone.

If you’re going to locate one of these in the most ideal position in a building it’s on the middle floor, in the middle of the ceiling. Thereabouts. But of course I don’t have a power supply in the middle of the ceiling on that floor. If you want to locate devices like this, then
using power over ethernet is the way to go and there are two ways to achieve that.

You either use what’s called a P.O.E. injector or adapter. You have a power supply at the other end, not where this goes, at the other end
and you have a little device that injects the power just for that one connection. The other way, if you’re going to do it properly. I’ve got a dedicated network switch with all the little network ports in them and no matter what port you plug in, the device like this can be powered.

If you’re going to do this properly make sure you speak to your trusted IT support and if you want a decent wireless network covering your entire building, definitely use equipment like this. Do not rely on the wireless network from the router.

There is always the right tool for the job.

Until next time.

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