Can I have my calendar on my phone? – IT Support Episode 113

Captain Christian shares a very handy tip with regards to having your work calendar on your smartphone. It came about when he was due to have an online meeting recently and unfortunately, the person he was due to meet had computer failure, and with it went their electronic diary. Watch to find out more.

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“Can I have my calendar on my phone?” – IT Support Episode 113

Hi, I’m Christian from Northstar IT.

“We know.”

And this week I’ve got a tale from the help desk.


From my desk.


So recently I had a one-to-one booked in with a networking group member I had met. The day came and I waited for the lovely lady called Sarah to sign in to Zoom to meet me. And then I thought I’d message her to find out where she was.

Unfortunately, her MacBook had died and along with it went her calendar.

“But don’t you have it set up on your smartphone?”

“No I don’t, and now I’m regretting not doing it.”

So let me give you a little tip.

Not only can you have your business calendar on here if you use a service like G-Suite or Office 365, but there’s also a really useful tip, I can give you from my own experience. From a bit of quality of life balance and also to look after a little bit of mental health and to not find myself working far too many hours being tempted to dip into this.

I remove my work email account.

However, what I’ve actually done is switched off the email and kept the calendar and contacts on here.


I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to me without an electronic calendar, my world would fall apart, the birthdays I’d forget and the trouble I’d get into with my mother.

So if you need some help put a comment below, or feel free to reach out to your friendly IT support service and we’ll do what we can to help you.

Until next time.

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