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It’s IT support Jim, but not as we know it

When it comes to IT you just want the job done, no hassle, no worry and no delay!  We’ll be part of YOUR team, and its all about trust.
Do you want the stress to go away?

"Abandon Ship? The answer's no! I'm not breaking up the family"

- Captain Janeway,Star Trek: Voyager

So why Northstar IT?

Harvey cursing
We don't do technobabble

although we do sometimes slip into Treknobabble!

Avatar image of a command deck.
We always offer you options

it’s your command deck after all, so you’re in control.

Captain Christian
We never say it can't be done

but we only work within your budget.

Image of bolts.
We're part of YOUR team

we’ll work with you so you can get on with what makes you money.

What our clients say

  • Morgans Solicitors have been using Northstar since they set up business in April 2001. Christian Fleming, the founder of Northstar, was recommended to us by the IT Department at our old law firm. Northstar have put in place complete computer systems for us over the years and always sorted out any IT issues we have had over…

    Heather Carson,Secretary

    Morgans Law

  • If you like 'pink and fluffy' then you have come to the right place! Northstar IT will not just sort out the problems with your computer which is normally me “PICNIC” I will let them explain. But they are very approachable, nothing seems too much of a problem and before you know it everything is up and…

    Sarah Macey,Director

    Prime Stables Ltd

  • As a Silver Surfer, I am usually very competent with my computer, but when the surfing gets a bit choppy with frustrating problems, I have peace of mind because I can be “rescued” by Northstar. They are immediately contactable and their sympathetic service either advises me by e-mail or ‘phone, but if that fails they get inside…

    Mrs Doreen Rogers,

    Private Domestic Client

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Here are our Mission Specialities

IT Support

Let our crew become part of your team with five levels of support delivering the IT service you need.

Cloud Services

Secure and cutting edge infrastructures that enable flexible, collaborative & productive working from anywhere, maintained 24/7.

Hardware and Software

Expert help and advice upgrading, replacing or integrating your hardware, software and network.


How could migrating to the cloud help your business?

Call our Bridge on 01903 25 99 23 to find out.

What our clients say

  • As I am sure you are aware, a major disadvantage of any equipment you supply is that it will be owned and used by me, and my knowledge (and patience) is limited. That is why it is wonderful to know that you are there, at the end of the phone, when I need IT support and that…

    Linda Samson,Senior Investment Consultant

    Throgmorton Private Capital

  • I would like to formall thank you for saving me money on replacing my existing computer and recommending the upgrade. You supplied to me a a Fujitsu computer some six years ago which had worked without any issues for six years but I had noticed there had been a slowing down in performance as the mechanical hard…

    Paul Chaloner,Director

    Quality Solicitors Barwells

  • We used to order our toners & imaging units directly from Dell but after speaking to their customer service department, & experiencing such poor service, taking nearly an hour of calls and subsequent call-backs to simply order toner, we contacted Northstar. It was a lovely surprise to be able to speak to someone directly without having to…

    Stacia Wilson,Office Manager

    Searoc Group

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