Why can’t I connect to my office computer? IT Support Episode 2

In this next episode, Captain Christian talks about why you can’t connect to your office computer, while working from home or anywhere for that matter.  It includes the most common and avoidable reason as to why your computer could be offline in the morning, when it worked fine the day before!

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Episode 2: “Why can’t I connect to my office computer?”

Hi! I’m Christian from Northstar IT and this is the next episode of my video blog.

Today I’ve got a tale from our helpdesk. Cast your mind back to the day before formal lockdown and we’ve got a number of clients already preparing
and wanting their staff set up to work remotely. And specifically we’ve had, let’s just say “the same query” come up for a number of times. I walked into main engineering, which this is what this room is and spotted one of my team with his head against the desk like this and I’ve asked, “What’s wrong?”

And he said, “They’re just not getting it…”

“Not getting what??”

Let’s face it most users don’t get computers that’s why they need us.

However, he said, “No, it’s one person in particular who’s called on two days on the trot, as first thing in the morning she tries to log into her computer remotely from the laptop she’s got at home and she can’t connect to the computer. I’ve gone through all the diagnostics and I finally realised what she’s doing”.

Well it turns out – she’s making the same mistake that a lot of people do until we point out what is wrong. Imagine remote access is like a pair of digital binoculars where you’re looking at your computer remotely, keyboard and mouse are being worked over a long distance radio controlled link, So what happens when you get to the end of the day and do what you do at any other day in the week. End of your shift, click on “Start” that little button that’s usually down in the bottom left-hand corner with the “Windows” flag logo on it. Start. Shutdown. And Switch your computer off.

And then go off and this time you don’t have a commute home you’re just commuting to the dining room, the kitchen, wherever you’re going next after your long day at work. And then the next morning you go to log into your computer but it won’t connect.


That will be, because YOU’VE SHUT IT DOWN!

Well, thankfully, in this case there was someone still working in the office to be able to go and press the power button and turn the computer on.

Yes, it’s happened quite a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happened to you.

So think about it next time. Digital binoculars, long distance radio controlled keyboard and mouse.

Whatever you do remotely, is gonna do it just as though you were in front of your computer. So if you shut it down, YEAH, it’ll be switched off when you’re going to use it the next day.

Until next time.

"I can't defy the laws of physics captain!"

- Montgomery Scott,Star Trek: The Original Series

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