100th Episode! – IT Support Episode 100

Amazingly Captain Christian has got to his 100th IT support vlog episode. For someone who was absolutely bricking it about standing in front of a camera and doing something he’d never done before this is quite a milestone. Watch as he reflects on his first episode and as is customary, he includes a few of his latest ‘bloopers’ as well.

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“100th Episode!” – IT Support Episode 100


Who’d of thought, this is Episode 100. When I look back at Episode 1 I almost cry in shame about how embarrassing it is.

“And some IT general humour. Yes, believe it or not, we too have a sense of humour”.

But for someone who was absolutely bricking it about standing in front of this camera and doing something I’d never done before, it’s actually been quite a lot of fun to do. If you’ve got some suggestions about what you’d like to see then put some comments below.

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But for now have fun.

“Oh, I am recording, the little red light’s flashing.”




Much like, this.

Rather clumsingly. Clumsily. Clumsily.


Or quite frankly a desktop.

I’ve just heard a toilet flush.

Someone’s using the toilet.

Somebody else has gone to the toilet.

I’m waiting for the hand dryer now.

Four bloody toilets in this building they have to use those ones.


Are you doing any backups?

Definitely having a case of Friday brain.



So let me

(tongue exercise)

Digital wizzy bang.

That could be a reoccurring look.

What do you think?


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