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Captain Christian red alert!

As humans, there are numerous mysteries that continue to elude our full understanding—dark matter’s function, the laws of warp speed, and the existence of Peppa Pig, to name a few.

While I can’t provide an escape from a kid’s cartoon character, I can alleviate one of life’s pressing complexities—computer viruses. If you’re a dedicated reader of my newsletter (and if not, why not?), you’re aware that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses like yours.

Most savvy business owners have some form of protection in place. However, if you’re operating without antivirus software, the potential disruption could make an episode of Peppa Pig seem like a luxury spa retreat.

“Less about Peppa and more about protection, please, Captain.”

Let’s set the scene: It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re tired after a busy week. You’ve just finished reading the latest Captain’s Chair newsletter and decide to log off for the weekend. But before you do, a well-branded and well-written email appears in your inbox. Everything seems legitimate, so you click the lovely, shiny link included in the message.

This, dear reader, is a big mistake. As you shut down your computer for the weekend, a nasty piece of software quietly encrypts your systems, holding your data hostage for a ransom. The disruption this can cause your business is unthinkable—you lose access to your systems, incurring both time and financial costs, and are forced to pay a ransom to retrieve your data.

In short, it’s a galactic nightmare!

“Alright, I’m listening. What’s the solution?”

When you join Northstar IT, our crew consistently monitors your systems for any suspicious activity. If something appears awry, we quarantine your computer so cybercriminals think it’s offline. This provides us the time needed to remove harmful software, clean your system, and get things back up and running.

For more information about our ransomware protection packages, and how we can help your business live long and prosper, contact us today at 01903 25 99 23.🖖

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