Is your email overflowing? IT Support Episode 49

Do you have days when you look away from your inbox, maybe to take a phone call or have a brief conversation with a colleague, and then look back and see a flood of emails come in while you were looking away?

Sometimes the tsunami of emails can be the plague of productivity!  So watch the latest vlog from Captain Christian to learn a useful tip to take back control of your inbox!

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Episode 49: Are your emails overflowing?

I want to talk about email overload.

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about email overload.

So I don’t know about you but sometimes those emails seem to be flowing in quicker than I can possibly answer them, I can even take a phone call it might only be a five minute call. Yes, I know, the people who know me will find that hard to believe that I can keep a phone call down to five minutes. Yeah, you’re probably right!

For the purposes of this vlog let’s assume it was just five minutes and I turn back to my email and I see 18 emails rocking it, and it seems like as soon as I take one step forward I have to take three steps backwards.

But I want to give you a tip, a personal productivity tip, that can help you take back control of your email.

Now if like me, you use Microsoft Outlook for your email communications and personally I couldn’t run my life without it as sad as that may sound. There’s a really useful tip in there, on the toolbar you can access the “send and receive” and on there is a button that says “work offline”. If you press that button, it will keep access to all your emails, your calendar, your contacts everything that you can refer to but the email will stop sending and receiving until you put it back in online mode. Yeah, that way you can get on with your work and you can control your email flow when it suits you.

Personally, when I’m having a busy day and I need to keep my head down just like I can put my phone in “do not disturb”, my smartphone goes into silent, you can also silent your emails, by putting them into offline mode, so if you want to take back control, look for that button.

Until next time.

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