Meet the Crew

Northstar offer IT support with a hint of personality.

And, should you want a bit more personality, some of the crew’s are laid bare here.

Captain Christian

Managing Director

“We’re a can-do company: there is always a solution, but sometimes you have to go where no other IT company will go to make it happen!”
Hates: Negativity
Loves: Richard Branson and holidays (not necessarily Virgin!)
Obsessed by: Dominations on iOS
Favourite animal: Harvey of course!
Favourite app: BBC News
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Film: Jumpin’Jack Flash
Random fact: Ruined Mum’s Tupperware party with a crash of timing

If you would like to know a little more about Christian, and his journey into the Captain’s chair, click here.

Ambassador Harvey

Client Hospitality Manager

“Woof, woof”

Hates: Having moisturiser on my nose
Loves: Human food (and not that horrible stuff they feed me!)
Obsessed by: Cats
Favourite animal: Cats
Favourite app: Deliveroo
Favourite colour: Black & White
Favourite Film: Lassie
Random fact: My birthday is a combination of both my Daddies!

First Officer Myles

Company Secretary

Hates: The word ‘awesome’
Loves: The theatre and anything creative
Obsessed by: cleanliness
Favourite animal: Harvey
Favourite app: Lightwave
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite Film: Total Recall
Random fact: Learned to drive at the tender age of 12

Helmsman Gary

Business Strategy

“You cant change where you have been, only where you are going”

What’s at the top of your bucket list? A year travelling around the world visiting major sporting events
Hates: Excuses, just get it done
Loves: Holidays
Obsessed by: Spreadsheets
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite Food: Fish
Favourite drink: Real Ale
Favourite app: Candy Crush
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite physical thing: My Old Landrover
Favourite film: The Hunt for Red October
Random fact: I was born with one leg shorter than the other


Ambassador Charlie

Business Development Manager

“Challenge accepted”

Hates: People saying “LOL” if you have to say it then clearly its not
Loves: Sports, family and being in the countryside
Obsessed by: Game of Thrones
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite app: Spotify
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Film: The Dark Night
Random fact: I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies

Crew Woman Helen

Bookkeeper & Administrator

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too”

Hates: Bad manners (not the band)
Loves: Family, friends and the sunshine
Obsessed by: Nothing
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite app: WhatsApp
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Random fact: Once cleared a bar on holiday (including staff) by singing to Wet Wet Wet with a friend

Chief Engineer Lucas

Technical Services Manager

“I’m the Kindergarten Cop, in charge of making it work and teaching the Next Generation”
Hates: Mac owners who think they can’t get viruses
Loves: John Lennon and my Qnap 8 bay NAS with 42TB of music and movies
Obsessed by: Destiny 2
Favourite animal: Guinea pig
Favourite app: Comiczone
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite Film: Streets of fire
Random fact: Used to be Mr Whippy on Brighton seafront

Away Team Engineer Paul

Installations and Support

“I help everyone understand technology and get the best out of it… but I’ll just fix it if it’s broke!”
Hates: Bad film sequels
Loves: My Dad and oxygen
Obsessed by: Ranking #1 on Gungame Turbo
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite app: CounterStrike Source
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite Film: The Matrix
Random fact: Used to be a fishmonger

Away Team and On-Ship Engineer Artur

Installations and Support

“As one of the oldest members of the Northstar family, I offer reliable support wherever needed, day-to-day advice and teamwork in order to keep our customers satisfied.”
Hates: Bad music
Loves: Jimi Hendrix and dreaming
Obsessed by: Travelling
Favourite animal: Orca
Favourite app: Google Maps
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite Film: Back to the Future
Random fact: Born in Brazil, and always having to explain that the Portuguese spelling of my name has no ‘h’!

Dave's Team Avatar

On-Ship Engineer Dave

Helpdesk Support

Hates: Over use of the word “literally”, when what someone is actually saying is clearly not “literal”
Inspirational Person: Martin Luther King, assassinated just before I was born but would definitely invite him to my “Last Supper”
Obsessed by: Secret Worlds Legends – Currently having a World of Warcraft sabbatical
Favourite animal: My cat called “Smudj”
Couldn’t live without: My Family, friends, red meat and Shiraz
Favourite colour: Light Blue
Favourite Film: Stand By Me
Random fact: Danced along to the Macarena at a party with Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper

Crewman Peter

Away Team and On-Ship Engineer Peter

Installations and Support

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Training in Israel
Hates: Injustice
Loves: Family and traveling
Obsessed by: Sports
Favourite animal: German shepherd
Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite drink: Mineral water
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite physical thing: Self defense
Favourite film: Blade
Random fact: I am black belt in karate

Brig Officer Lesley

Credit Controller

“You don’t pay, you go in the Brig”

Hates: Chipped Nail Varnish and Laddered Tights
Loves: Good Friends and Prosecco (often together!)
Obsessed by: Nothing in particular
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite app: WhatsApp
Favourite colour: Lilac
Favourite Film: Mamma Mia
Random fact: I once sat infront of Laurence Olivier (and his then wife, Joan Plowright) at my Sister’s School play (Alice in Wonderland) as his daughter Tamsin, was also in the production!

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