Meet the Crew

Northstar offer IT support with a hint of personality.

And, should you want a bit more personality, some of the crew’s are laid bare here.

Captain Christian

Managing Director

“We’re a can-do company: there is always a solution, but sometimes we have to go where no other IT company will go to find the right balance for YOU!”

Hates: Negativity
Loves: Richard Branson and holidays (not necessarily Virgin!)
Obsessed by: Travel, especially to and around the USA
Favourite animal: Boxer dog!
Favourite app: BBC News
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Film: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Favourite Food: Pizza
Random fact: I ruined Mum’s Tupperware party with a ‘crash’ of timing

If you would like to know a little more about Christian, and his journey into the Captain’s chair, click here.

Ambassador Harvey

Hospitality Manager

A few words from the Captain…

“Although Harvey has ascended to the next plane, and no doubt will be chasing cats without me to hold him back anymore, I wanted to leave his bio here, as he’ll still remain one of the crew in spirit and live on in our memories and branding forever more”

Hates: Having moisturiser on my nose
Loves: Human food (and not that horrible stuff they feed me!)
Obsessed by: Cats
Favourite animal: Cats
Favourite app: Deliveroo
Favourite colour: Black & White
Favourite Film: Lassie
Random fact: My birthday is a combination of both my Daddies!

Helmsman Gary

Business Strategy

“You cant change where you have been, only where you are going”

What’s at the top of your bucket list? A year travelling around the world visiting major sporting events
Hates: Excuses, just get it done
Loves: Holidays
Obsessed by: Spreadsheets
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite Food: Fish
Favourite drink: Real Ale
Favourite app: Candy Crush
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite physical thing: My Old Landrover
Favourite film: The Hunt for Red October
Random fact: I was born with one leg shorter than the other


Ambassador Charlie

Business Development Manager

“Challenge accepted”

Hates: People saying “LOL” if you have to say it then clearly its not
Loves: Sports, family and being in the countryside
Obsessed by: Game of Thrones
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite app: Spotify
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite Film: The Dark Night
Random fact: I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies

Crew woman Helen

Commander Helen

Finance & Office Manager

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too”

Hates: Bad manners (not the band)
Loves: Family, friends and the sunshine
Obsessed by: Nothing
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite app: WhatsApp
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Random fact: Once cleared a bar on holiday (including staff) by singing to Wet Wet Wet with a friend

An avatar image of one of Northstar IT's male IT engineers holding a computer looking helpful.

Chief Engineer Lucas

Technical Services Manager

“I’m the Kindergarten Cop, in charge of making it work and teaching the Next Generation”
Hates: Mac owners who think they can’t get viruses
Loves: John Lennon and my Qnap 8 bay NAS with 42TB of music and movies
Obsessed by: Destiny 2
Favourite animal: Guinea pig
Favourite app: Comiczone
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite Film: Streets of fire
Random fact: Used to be Mr Whippy on Brighton seafront

On-Ship Engineer Paul

Helpdesk Support

“I help everyone understand technology and get the best out of it… but I’ll just fix it if it’s broke!”
Hates: Bad film sequels
Loves: My Dad and oxygen
Obsessed by: Ranking #1 on Gungame Turbo
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite app: CounterStrike Source
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite Film: The Matrix
Random fact: Used to be a fishmonger

Dave's Team Avatar

On-Ship Engineer Dave

Helpdesk Support

Hates: Over use of the word “literally”, when what someone is actually saying is clearly not “literal”
Inspirational Person: Martin Luther King, assassinated just before I was born but would definitely invite him to my “Last Supper”
Obsessed by: Secret Worlds Legends – Currently having a World of Warcraft sabbatical
Favourite animal: My cat called “Smudj”
Couldn’t live without: My Family, friends, red meat and Shiraz
Favourite colour: Light Blue
Favourite Film: Stand By Me
Random fact: Danced along to the Macarena at a party with Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper

Crew avatar for Rasoul

Away Team and On-Ship Engineer Rasoul

Onsite & Helpdesk Support

“Every cloud has a silver lining!”

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Travel to Canada
Hates: Bad drivers
Loves: Driving
Obsessed by: AMG Black Series Cars
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite drink: French red wine
Favourite app: Instagram
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite physical thing: My mini precision electric screwdriver
Favourite film: Blade
Random fact: I used to be a chef (in my younger days) and made 500 Pizzas in one day!

Ensign Amy

Helpdesk Support

“He left us” or “Clever Girl” – both from Jurassic Park.

What’s at the top of your bucket list? To visit Salem, Massachusetts during Halloween
Hates: Raisins. They’re the devil’s food
Loves: Def Leppard & Tenacious D at the top. All 80s rock is the best
Obsessed by: Horror books. Stephen King especially
Favourite animal: Black cats
Favourite food: Lasangna
Favourite drink: Cherry Bakewell cocktails
Favourite app: John GBAC (Emulator for Gameboy)
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite physical thing: My son Robin
Favourite film: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favourite video game: The Witcher 3
Random fact: I play D&D monthly and have run my own spooky campaigns in the past

Josh's Northstar Avatar

On-ship Engineer Josh

Apprentice Helpdesk Support

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Taking my dream car (Zenvo Aurora Agil) around the Nurburgring Nordschifle
Hates: The default Teams ringtone (it’s just annoying)
Loves: Gaming, cars, and spending time with friends and family
Obsessed by: Technology and cars
Favourite animal: Elephants
Favourite food: Burgers (and not the McDonald’s ones)
Favourite drink: Cappuccino with oat milk
Favourite app: Instagram and Snapchat
Favourite colour: Orange and Navy Blue
Favourite physical thing: Phone, laptop and Xbox
Favourite video game: Anything in the Forza franchise
Random fact: Facebook became public the same year I was born

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