How big is your computer’s brain? IT Support Episode 64

When considering which computer to buy for your business, do you think of the ‘brain power’?  Its obviously more complicated but the ‘brain’ of the computer would be it’s CPU, it’s main processor that does most of the work.  There are lots to choose from, but Captain Christian has produced a little video to simplify the selection of processors from Intel, who makes most of the processors that go into computers that run Windows.

He has taken his usual entertaining approach to helping you choose which is best for doing your job.

Watch to find out more!

Alien looking at computer hardware.

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“How big is your computer’s brain?” IT Support Episode 64

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about the brain of the computer.

So for those of you outside the IT industry the processor inside the computer, sometimes referred to as “the brain” or the CPU, correctly, is not the box that sits on your desk, or underneath it, or behind your monitor. The CPU is the chip or the “big brain” if you like inside the computer doing the really hard work.

They come in small sizes, big sizes, super sized-sizes, American sizes however, one CPU is not exactly the same as every other one but I want to focus on the main ones you’ll find in the market.

If you want a computer that is fit for the job you need it to do then you need to be focusing on the processors from “Intel” because they’re the most common ones, you will find others, however, for this vLog we’re talking about “Intel” you will focus on the market that has got core i3, i5, i7 and i9 and just like many other things around, the bigger the number the faster it gets.

That doesn’t mean though, you need to go and buy a computer with an i9 processor to do your day to day emails and surfing the web equally as much, if you’re doing design work or CAD work, if you’re an architect, you definitely do not want one that is an i3 processor, that’s right at the bottom.

It’s always about the right tool for the job.

So as a general guide, if you want a more budget line computer but not super cheap in the wise words of my mother, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

If you want to do basic surfing the web, sending emails, typing the odd letter in “Word” then an i3 machine will probably see you fine. I personally wouldn’t go that low, I tend to advise anyone, start with an i5. It’s a good all round foundation of a computer to be able to do day to day work whether it be in your business or at home.

If you’re going to need to do some general design work, something slightly more up-powered, then definitely aim for an i7 however, unless you want to go super fast, then go for an i9 processor other than that, the rest is really boring.

If you want really in depth advice about what computer is right for the job you do, then speak to your IT support people, they’re the ones that know how.

Until next time!

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