My printer isn’t working! IT Support Episode 5

Ever had a printer malfunction when you REALLY need it? It happens to us all, trust us!  This is one reason why we always recommend having more than one printer in an office, especially when you have deadlines to meet.  Whether it runs out of ink or toner, or in this case…

Well here Captain Christian talks about a past experience back in the days of being a full-time field engineer himself.  But this tip is as valid today as it was then. Watch episode 5 of our vlog to see the benefit of hindsight, where humor can take a twist on a stressful situation.

Oh and don’t forget the all important cup of tea…

Harvey the boxer dog sending emails.

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Until next time!

And for those who prefer to read, rather than watch…

“My printer isn’t working!” IT Support Episode 5.

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week it’s going to be a tale from the one I used to work for predating even Northstar IT.

So I cast you back to this day.

I received a call from a colleague saying that I’ve got to get from the West End of London to the East End of London, to go to a really important client.

One of the director’s personal assistant has been on the phone and her printer has failed, just when she’s got to run out all of the quarterly reports for her boss. So, I jumped in my car, headed over to the East Side of London and arrived at her desk.

Smile as ususal:
– Janine, how can I help?

But Janine… slightly red faced, fuming that her printer is not working when she’s got these deadlines to meet, says “the printer’s not working!”

So I looked at the printer, that happens to be next to her desk. I pulled open the printer tray, I looked back at Janine, and said, “it helps if you put paper in it”.

So in that moment of stress, I can honestly recommend. Go and get a cup of tea or a coffee. Take a breath of fresh air. Read what it says on the printer first, quite often it will tell you what’s wrong and it might even save you a bit of time.

Until next time!

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