The flaming mute button! IT Support Episode 53

So as we are still generally restricted to online meetings in most cases, Captain Christian was inspired by a recent Business Networking meeting to produce this vlog.  We’re sure as online meetings become common place moving forward for many of us, this one is a good reminder, and some tips included for when you’re using Zoom for an online meeting.

Did you know there are settings you can change to make your life easier by logging into the app before you sign into your meeting?

So watch this latest vlog to find out more…

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Episode 53: “The flaming mute button”

I’ve got an IT tip with online meetings.

– What?!

Yes… again!

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”.

So this morning I was on my latest weekly business networking meeting. We’re raring to get back into the room, I for one am starting to get a bit zoomed out but no matter what platform you’re on, it seems everyone or most people are still struggling with the “Mute” button. Yes, I know there are countless people out there that would be thrilled to have a mute button on me.

– Yes!

You’re not that lucky!

One little tip, specifically on “Zoom” if at any point in the meeting everyone is muted out or you voluntarily muted yourself, when you need to speak,
remember first unmute yourself not expect everyone to hear when all they’ve got is…

Or a little tip, specifically on “Zoom” is as long as you don’t have the chat window open and that screen with all those smiling faces smiling back at you are in shot what you can do is hold down the space bar and that will temporarily unmute you until you let go again.

But, there is also another useful setting, if you are logging in to Zoom before you join that meeting and it’s certainly useful because you can customise your account with a nice pretty picture of yourself or your company logo but you can also configure it to start the camera automatically or to join the meeting without being muted. That way you don’t do what I see so many people doing of late joining the meeting and starting off with …


So remember, no matter what the platform, there are settings to make your life easier and more effective.

So until next time.

Zoom zoom!

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