Backups are BORING! – IT Support Episode 8

So who does look after your backup?  Do you know?  Who is it?  When did they last checked that it worked?  Worst still, do they even work there anymore?  All important questions, but the sorts of ones that slip down the list as backups aren’t the most urgent thing that spring to mind.  Let’s face it humans are very good at ignoring something until they REALLY need it!

Watch episode 8 of our vlog to see a comical description of what why you should ensure that backups shouldn’t be boring and what the best way there is to ensure your data is where you want, when something goes wrong.

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Spilled drinks vs Cloud Backup

For those who prefer a read or to know more about the episode before watching…

“Backups are BORING!” IT Suppport Episode 8

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week’s episode is called “Backups are BORING!”

For an average business owner backups aren’t always the most important thing in the front of their mind. However I can tell you, having been
in this industry for nearly 23 years the most important time when backups are at the front of a business owners mind or anyone who is responsible for IT, will be when something goes wrong, whether that be a failed server, a failed computer, or a failed human being.

In this case I can turn around and say, back in the early days people would rely on these to backup onto (shows small black disk). Thankfully we’ve got a little further advanced than that. Tape drives came next and then more regularly you’ll see something like this (shows small portable storage drive), maybe not quite as a bright colour as this one. Now we’ve got something a little more foolproof.

We back up into the “Cloud”.

Rather than relying on a human being when poor Doris in the corner has got delegated the responsibility for changing, whether it be one of these (shows small portable storage drive) or one of these back in the day (shows small black disk) now, instead of just relying on the fact that that off-site backup isn’t just being carried around in her handbag, it’s going to be where you need it with the up-to-date data and the ultimate benefit with backup in the cloud is when Doris goes on holiday, or maybe when Doris is sick or perhaps when Doris just forgets – your backup is fully automated, monitored and will give you the peace of mind of knowing it will be there when you need it, especially when users start doing this (Christian wiggles his fingers) on the keyboard and overwrite that important file you’ve been working on for the last 12 years.

God bless an Excel spreadsheet.

Until next time.

(magical finger-snap)


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