The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Support (Part 2) – IT Support Episode 10

Remote IT support is an AMAZING tool for us to help you.  Unfortunately it is also open to abuse, and there are no shortage of examples of peing being duped.  So watch this episode of the vlog to learn how to be better positioned to protect yourself, from one of the most common scams we’re currently aware of.


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“The DOs and DON’Ts of Remote IT Support (part 2)” IT Support Episode 10

Hi, this is Christian from “Northstar IT”.

And this week I’m continuing my topic of the DOs and DON’Ts of remote IT support.

So this week specifically I want to talk about a


in relation to remote IT support.

For all the wonders that it offers and some clients have almost described it as a bit of magic of us remotely accessing your computer and doing all sorts of wonderful things remotely. Especially when your computer doesn’t work.

However, there is


I want to re-assure you that Microsoft, one of the major technology players in the market and of course most of you will know about it, if you use a Windows based machine. Microsoft will not call you EVER!

They certainly will not call you to say, “we’ve detected a problem with your computer, and we need remote access to it”.

It will never happen.

And any legitimate Microsoft partner will not make an unsolicited phone call to say, “your computer needs some updates…”.


“…it’s generating an error…”


“we’ve detected that there’s something wrong with your machine and we need remote access to it to fix it for you.”

It will never happen!

If a company calls you, claiming to be calling from Microsoft, or a partner of Microsoft and just want remote access your computer.

Definitely say “NO!”.

A legitimate IT company will only work through known channels, they’ll speak to you, they’ll pick up the phone and they’ll be working with the business owner and everything will be done upfront. They will never be lurking in the background.

To put it in the different term, would you let a complete stranger who knocked on your front door, unprompted and say, “I think there’s a leak in your house so I need to go and check”.

And you say, “OK. Walk in.”

And say, “By the way, I’m just popping round the shops. There’s a spare key to my house. My purse and my wallet is in the drawer over there, I’ll just leave it to you for an hour…”

You wouldn’t do that?!

So don’t let someone access your computer without your pre-arranged authorisation. If in doubt, speak to your IT people and check out who this caller could be.

Because remember. When it’s your computer. Your business. Your data.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Until next week.

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