Can a Mac get a virus? IT Support Episode 30

Can an Apple Mac get a virus? Seems like a simple enough question, so watch this episode to find out the answer.

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“Can a Mac get a virus?” – IT Support Episode 30

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week an important topic. Can a Mac get a virus?

The competitive world of which computer is best, an Apple Mac or a Microsoft Windows based PC. That argument’s been going on for decades and I’m sure it will go on for many more years to come. You can’t beat the debate between a designer and a windows engineer.

There seems to be a really popular urban myth a Mac can’t get a virus. Don’t need to put antivirus software on my computer because it won’t get one.

Wrong IT CAN.

Macs are not immune and there’s been a number of high-profile attacks over the years. The reality is they got through because Mac owners believe they are not going to fall foul to a virus. It’s not just software, there’s something called firmware which is basically software embedded into the hardware of the computer that can fall foul too.

So there are two levels of protection to keep in mind.

One, antivirus software. Like a good windows owner will make sure that they’ve got up-to-date and current antivirus software protection.

In addition, it’s making sure that the firmware inside the hardware is kept up to date as well.

So if in doubt, speak to your IT support. But remember, keep those viruses at bay.

Until next time.

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