Why aren’t laptops all equal? IT Support Episode 32

If that laptop you’re looking at seems like a REALLY good bargain, be aware!  If it seems cheap, there is probably a very good reason for it!  Watch this episode of Captain Christian’s vlog to avoid a real pitfall when buying a new laptop or even a desktop computer.

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“Why aren’t laptops all equal?” – IT Support Episode 32

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk why laptops are not all equal.

So this week we had a call from one of our users. She’s a new business one of those wonderful little green shoots of entrepreneurial spirit that comes from a recession or in this case – a pandemic, and she started a social media business, but when she bought her laptop a year ago wasn’t expecting to be using it for business activities.

Her words were, I only wanted it for Netflix and email and thought that would do. Now that I’m using it for business it’s causing me a real problem. Is there any chance you guys could have a look at it?

See what you could do to give it a bit of a turbo boost.

So I said, “it’s not a problem we’ll raise the support ticket and I’ll get one of my colleagues to log in and have a look at it for you.” So then, one of my engineers contacts her and tries to set up remote access, 40 minutes later, he’s finally got in and he wanders into my office afterwards and says,

“Christian, I think it’s a lost cause. Do you know how much she’d spent on that laptop? Well, it was a 199 Pounds.”

Trigger eyes-roll.

Leave it with me I’ll give her a call.

Now she’s helping us out on a little bit of a trial project so I said I’ll do you a bit of a deal. If you do want to do an upgrade on the laptop we’ll do all the labour for free for you.

You’re helping us out, we’ll help you back. However you might want to think about replacing the laptop next year.

But let me give you a tip when it comes to laptops. First of all, if it seems really cheap there’s going to be a very good reason for it and this week I want to focus on one reason.

This is the inside of a mechanical old-fashioned hard drive and you will still find these in some of those cheaper laptops or cheaper desktops and what you’ll see inside that’s the disk platters that go around it’s got a motor in it, generates lots of heat and it’s a little slower because it takes time for the parts to move around.

On a newer laptop or desktop you’ll have something like this and it’s called an SSD, a solid state drive. In fact, if you’re really lucky you’ll have one of these it’s an even faster version of a solid state drive.

However those cheap computers whether it’s a desktop or a laptop will have, in all likelihood one of these and the easy way to tell is have a listen and if you can hear this sound…

(HDD spinning and crackling sounds)

you’ve got a mechanical hard drive, one of these old-fashioned devices.

Now we can replace it with one of those solid-state drives. Doesn’t take very long and doesn’t cost a lot of money and it can give a computer a real turbo boost.

Feedback from clients has said even with a six-year-old computer it’s felt like new in comparison. So if you want to give your laptop or desktop a bit of Christmas cheer then look at an SSD upgrade.

Until next time!

(Christmas trumpets)

I’m looking forward to some time off for Christmas, right…

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