The tale of the coffee and the keyboard – IT Support Episode 67

When a client calls in need, it’s an emergency!  They had a little accident…  You know, one of those embarrasing situations.  Just like when you pull the front door closed, and think **** I didn’t grab my key!!

What did they do this time? They called Captain Christian, in the hope that our local IT store of computer essentials could get them out of a hole, and QUICK!

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P.S. Thanks Tom for the inspiration on this one,

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Spilt coffee over the computer

“The tale of the coffee and the keyboard” IT Support Episode 67

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I’m talking keyboards.

This episode is for you Tom.

So recently I had a “Whatsapp” message from Tom, he’d had a little incident during a coffee break. Yes, he’d spilled his coffee over his keyboard and unfortunately for Tom, his keyboard wasn’t spill resistant.

Now you can actually get fluid proof keyboards and Tom desperately needed a new keyboard, as he decided his keyboard needed a drink more than he did, so he’d sent me a “Whatsapp” message to ask if I had a keyboard in stock, that he could buy to replace his now broken keyboard. This time Tom is now furnished with a spill resistant keyboard and it has the added convenience that it is also wireless.

So, if you have an accident with a cup of coffee, just remember not all of them like fluids as much as you do.

So Tom proved a point, computers often work perfectly, until you do this.

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