Where is the hash sign? (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 116

Having been overseas travelling and having had problems using his laptop keyboard. Captain Christian decided to buy a keyboard and mouse kit the same as the one he had at home and in his office. However, watch to find out why it wasn’t quite the same.

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“Where is the hash sign? (Part 1)” – IT Support Episode 116

My name is

My name is

My name is

Christian from Northstar IT.

So I’ve just returned back from a bit of travelling. This time I had to take a laptop with me, everywhere. However I’m not great at typing on a laptop keyboard. And the lovely Rachel Brown, a virtual PA, one day asked me,

“Christian, what technique is that you’re typing with.”

It was sort of touch typing, sort of blindly and sort of accurately.

However, you put me on a laptop keyboard and my fingers go all over the place. So I thought,

“I know, I’ll go and buy one of these.”

It’s the same keyboard and mouse kit I’ve got both in my home office in Brighton and here in Lancing. So I thought that’ll make my typing a lot easier. However, I went to put in the password and it didn’t work, I put it in again and it didn’t work. I put it in a third time and got locked out.

And after a bit of thinking I was absolutely certain I had the right password. I looked down at the keyboard, I was in another country and the keyboard layout is slightly different. And one of the special characters that was in that password in this case a hash key was not where it was supposed to be.

Now, there is a solution to this problem.

Hello IT.

Next time I find myself in that position, I’m going to make sure I take a UK keyboard, with the familiar layout.

Rule Britannia.

So until next time make sure you’re prepared.


When you need to work out and about.

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