What is a VPN? IT Support Episode 69

If you have a business with multiple sites, and need to share data without using the cloud, or do what this client wanted, to be able to print documents on another site for her team, then a VPN could be for you.

Watch this episode for an understanding on how this could be useful for your business when you have more than one location, which can even include working from home members of the team too.

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“What is VPN?” – IT Support Episode 69

There’s something really useful to businesses that operate on multiple sites needing to access a central system and it’s called VPN, stands for “Virtual Private Network”.

Yes, I can hear you falling asleep already, however I want to tell you about a client of ours. They’ve got a couple of care homes, one here in West Sussex and another one down in Dorset, and one of their matrons, yes we’ll come back to that later, wanted to be able to print from one site to another.

Now, she knew that they’ve got a network on both sites she assumed that she could easily print from her computer on one site and print off documents to a printer on the other site.

Now, in principle this is very easy to do, we already had the equipment available so we set up what’s called a VPN to join the sites together.
So one over here, one over here and being able to zip the print documents over. The connection runs over the internet, is fully encrypted so it’s nice and secure and that data is kept safe and gives them the flexibility to be able to print from one site to another.

So if you’ve got a business that covers more than one site and you want to be able to share documents not necessarily using the cloud or you want to be able to use devices like printers on different sites then a VPN would probably be a good solution to you.

So if you have a matron that might want to do something a little bit out of the ordinary for her usual job.

‘Oh matron!’, call your IT support and we’d be delighted to connect you up.

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