Two are BETTER than one – IT Support Episode 14

Watch this episode of Captain Christian’s vlog to see how you can give your computer using productivity a light speed boost!  As too many users are still being held back by not engaging in this now very common approach to making a computer more efficient.

This episode has a little help from a special guest appearance by Tom Cruise!

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“Two are better than one” IT Support Episode 14

Hi, this is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about why two is definitely better than one.

Who in this modern world of ours doesn’t appreciate having more than one?

It applies in so many situations and it doesn’t always apply to technology. But I’d best be careful where I go with this otherwise I might forget that
this is a family show. In this case what I want to talk about is why two screens are better than one.

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how many users are still being held to ransom with working, with one hand behind their back. I’ve had to describe the benefit of using two screens to many clients over the years and the best example I can give you will come down to email. Now imagine if you’re working
with a single screen, whether that be on a standard laptop with no external screen or docking station or whether you’re just using a desktop computer with one screen. I do know there are plenty of you still out there!

You’ve got the email in front of you on that single screen and you start typing your reply and that other person’s email starts sliding down the screen.
Now imagine you’ve got two screens. And on one you’ve got the sender’s email. On the other you’ve got your reply and while you’re typing away you’ve
got the benefit of looking at the original email and your reply and you can edit it just by looking back and forth without going, up and down, up and down, up and down…Trust me, it gets very irritating and you can lose a lot of time.

Or another example can be you’ve got source material on one screen and you’ve got your proposal that you’re working on the other and you need to copy a bit of content over here and whip it over there or, certain films…very good one with Tom Cruise by the way. Is that where he starts doing this and whips it over there, and this over there. You can do it, believe it or not.

You can actually pass it from one screen to the other. You can copy and paste from one screen to another. You don’t need to keep going up and down
and toggle between screens and windows and losing before you know, it minutes in the hour, hours in a day and let’s not even compare it to the amount
of time I personally have lost on the M25 in my car.

So if you want to gain productivity, talk to your IT support about the benefits of using dual screens.

Until next time.

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