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If your computer isn’t working properly, Captain Christian says resist the urge to grab a screwdriver and start fiddling with what’s on the inside. As you will see it’s more likely you’re going to do more harm than good.

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“When your computer says NO!” – IT Support Episode 93

Hi, I’m Christian from Northstar IT and this week I’ve got a tale from the helpdesk.

So while I was looking at my Facebook updates first thing in the morning, checking what’s going on in the world. I happened to stumble across a client of mine who had posted a screen grab of her computer which was not cooperating first thing in the morning. It showed a boot up error and was definitely not playing ball.

One of her Facebook friends had commented.

“Don’t worry Laura, whip the lid off the computer make sure all the connections are in tightly and maybe that’ll help.”

Well, my advice to you is definitely,


If you don’t know what you’re doing with the inside of a computer, do not be tempted to grab a screwdriver and start fiddling with what’s on the inside. It’s more likely you’re going to do more harm than good.

And if your computer is under a warranty, certainly taking the DIY approach to fixing it is never going to end well.

So, if your computer says no.

Computer says no.

Make sure you speak to the experts and certainly, like the very wise Laura did, waited until her trusted IT support service opened up at 8:30 in the morning, to get the experts on the case.

Do not take a screwdriver to your own computer and cause more harm than good, always use the experts.

Until next time.

Computer says no.

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