It’s not BIG enough! IT Support Episode 12

This week Captain Christian tackles that subject which everyone complains about.  It isn’t BIG enough!  Well we can help with that.  Well we can as long as it is your wireless networking you’re talking about!

Watch this episode for a really useful tip to extend your wireless network and how to do it properly.  He’ll also explain the important difference between “booster” and “extender” as the misunderstanding can often fail to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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“It’s not BIG enough” IT Support Episode 12

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk why IT isn’t big enough?

This week I’m talking about wireless networks. The key to making modern technology work. Unlike the good old days when I first started working in this industry. Which was over two decades ago. Everything was wired which meant there was quite often one less thing to go wrong.

But of course with the absolute phenomenal BOOM,

(Phenomenal Boom)

In devices like smartphones and tablets and numerous other devices you’ll find around the office and home. We now need wireless networks more than ever.

If you imagine a wireless network, a bit like a bubble. It’s round and I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen very many round offices or homes recently unless of course you’re on a certain science fiction film or program where round homes and buildings seem to be quite common BUT, in this day and on planet Earth most buildings are square or rectangular so if you find that your wireless network doesn’t reach where you want it to reach.

Oh careful – this is a family show, don’t go that way!

You can use something very simple to be able to extend your wireless network into that room, that it doesn’t currently reach you can use the device a bit like this and no this is not “The Droid you’ve been looking for” this is called a wireless range extender.

Tip I want to give you is following a conversation I had quite recently it was the misunderstanding that one of these is a “booster”. It’s not a booster!

So there is absolutely nothing to gain by plugging it in and configuring it to work this far away from your internet router. Referring to that round circular network bubble. Is what you need to do is find a place to position this and plug it into a wall socket, where it is on the edge of that bubble but  lose enough, so it’s got a really good signal and then what it does is it broadcasts another network on the edge of the bubble and that way you get a  slightly larger network and you can reach that awkward spot where you’ve not been able to reach before.

So no, I can’t solve those other problems but I can certainly help make your wireless network reach those areas where the current network doesn’t reach.

Until next week!


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