Passwords are like PANTS! IT Support Episode 6

Ever keen to get across an important message, Captain Christian talks about the ever important topic of passwords with some helpful memory hooks to make your passwords more secure.

With his usual humorous flare for approaching anything, he also tells us what you should or shouldn’t do with them too. Trust us when we say, through his career as an Engineer, he’s seen it all!

Watch episode 6 of our vlog to see a humorous take on what can be a modern challenge for a lot of people, with the episode “Passwords are like PANTS!”

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“Passwords are like Pants!” IT Support Episode 6.

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week’s topic is ‘Passwords are like pants!’

It never ceases to amaze me how careless some people can be with passwords. Whether they reveal them quite openly or try and choose the most obvious,
or easy to remember password. Or in its worst case, and thankfully I’ve not seen this for a while written on a post-it note. Stuck to their computer.

Thankfully, most people are quite careful with really secure passwords that involve things like banking. It really is important that they’re as complex as possible which obviously means, they’re as hard to crack, as they are to remember. However, it does seem like some people find it a little more difficult to make sure that they choose something more secure and more complex.

Here’s a few bullet points that might help you.

Just like your pants, BE CREATIVE!

No one’s going to see them so they can be really lairy.

Make sure they’ve got lots of mixed upper and lower case and some special characters. Use an Exclamation Mark “!” to replace the letter “i”. Use the number “3 to replace the letter “E”. Or use a number “1” to replace an “l” or a capital “I”.

The next thing, don’t leave them lying around!

And definitely not written on a post-it note on your computer. And you should – just like pants, be changing them regularly otherwise what would your mother say??

And last of all NEVER EVER SHARE THEM!

Passwords should be kept private, just like your pants.

If you do need some help in making sure your passwords are as secure as possible and as private as possible, there are some fantastic tools on the market. So speak to your IT people they can help!

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