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So how safe is your password?

The longer and more complex your password to login to anything from your online banking to your social media account, the harder it will be for cyber-criminals to crack it through what is called a “brute force” attack.  What’s that you say?

This is where some automated software tries thousands of variations of passwords as part of a program, and it keeps going until it finds the right one.

Want to see how secure your password if?  Try your password now.  Enter it below and you’ll see how long it would take criminals to crack it. The longer the password, and more complex, the better.

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This service is powered by How Secure Is My Password.  So please don’t worry your password is safe and is not sent across the internet, and we certainly won’t have access to it either, or store it.  This is purely to help you be more secure online.

If you need a better password, click Generate Password and we’ll create a random one for you.  Make sure you use a password manager to help you remember it, and saving your writing it down.  If you would like to know more about a password manager, feel free to drop us a line.

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