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The Northstar IT support ship's mission:

To boldly go wherever you need us, exploring Business IT Support since stardate 25.5.1999


noun(also known as polaris, polestar, lodestar and guiding star)

The northstar is the closest celestial body to the Earth’s north pole.
As it remains in a fixed position throughout the night, for centuries it has been used by navigators to plot their course in times of need.

"I have been and always will be your friend"

- Spock,The Wrath of Khan

You can think of us as your IT department

We’re here to guide your ship through the meteor storm that is IT. It’s easy for small businesses to feel more than a little in the dark when it comes to technology, so we act as your navigators.
And we’re here as long as you need us.
Many businesses have been with us since we started.
It’s a long-standing joke that you’ll need to retire to finally get rid of us or ascend to another plane of existence!

What our clients say

  • The Sussex Sign Company have used Northstar IT to provide contracted IT support since 2011. As an award winning Sign Company who prides itself on first class customer service, we need to ensure we are supported by companies who share our values. Obviously in this age IT is critical to any organisation but it is especially so…

    Norman Mayhew,Managing Director

    The Sussex Sign Company

  • We have been a client of Christian/Northstar IT since the late 1990s. He consistently provides a personalised and friendly service and is willing to assist at a moment's notice. His scope is very broad, so contacting Northstar is like a one-stop-shop.

    Kirsten Dibley,Office Manager

    Channoil Consulting Ltd

  • We have recently overhauled our IT equipment and have been very impressed with the service and attention given by all members of staff at Northstar. We would be very happy to recommend their services to any company who are wishing to do the same.

    David Jordan, Director

    David Jordan Estate Agents Ltd

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Structured cabling
Computer software, hardware and networks can be complicated.

But monitoring, maintaining, fixing, integrating and upgrading them is essential to your business.

Few small businesses have the specialist IT staff their business needs.

Even those that do often find they need an injection of skills and knowledge, or just more hands on the deck, for certain IT projects.

We steer your enterprise through the turbulent skies of IT.

We help you make good time, stay secure and chart a course to your destination.

We make things work by working with you.

And we always make things happen.

Why beam us up?

  1. We take IT to the final frontier.

    We advise, support, explain, maintain and protect. And we always try to add dash of personality into the work we do. We live and breathe IT – but our clients tell us that they stay with us, above all, because of who we are. (Ah, shucks: thanks space cadets!)

  2. We believe all IT solutions are out there...somewhere

    We never tell you something is impossible. It’s our mission to offer you options so you can find the right solution for your business and your budget.

  3. We only speak one language. And that’s yours.

    There’s no need to master Klingon or technobabble to talk things through with us. We make technology work and we make it understandable.

  4. We want you to see us as an extension to your company.

    That’s why we work with you however you want us to. Whether it’s a monthly support package or a pay as you go service, we’ll be here. It goes beyond service offerings, though. We try our hardest to understand your business, its challenges and its goals – we call this the mind-meld. But we try not to irritate when we get under your skin!

  5. We are not part of a Group

    We do one thing – and we do it well. We offer IT support and services – nothing more and nothing less. And we have been doing it since 1999. You are not a small fish in our big pond, and our eye is never taken off the ball by looking round for other games to play.

  6. We believe vendor neutrality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    You may hear many other IT service providers proclaiming themselves to be vendor neutral. What they mean is they are not in the pockets of just one supplier. Well, nor are we.

But, we have been supplying IT equipment for nearly 20 years, and we know that some hardware and some software is better than others. In particular, we know that the customer service you get with some vendors is streets ahead of the competition.

We’re not going to be neutral. We’ll tell you what’s best for the IT network you have, and we’ll tell you why.

Because that’s our job.

Our preferred computer hardware partner vendor Fujitsu
Our preferred security software provider for our Windows server networks Trend Micro
Our preferred brand of business grade routers and firewalls Draytek
iiyama have been our preferred vendor of displays for years
Our preferred network switch vendor Netgear
Our preferred NAS vendor QNAP

- Captain Jean-Luc Picard,The Next Generation

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