Some emails are just DODGY (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 15

In this episode Captain Christian is focusing on DODGY emails.  There are so many examples it is worth highlighting and what to be aware of, but this week he is focusing on a specific example he’s sure you have seen, but it is worth highlighting this as an example of one to be wearing of.

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“Some emails are just DODGY! (Part 1)” IT Support Episode 15

Hi, this is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this is the first of my series of vlogs, talking about dodgy emails.

So this week I want to talk about those emails, let’s face it we’ve all received them from a so-called “friendly lawyer” in a certain African state who stumbled across a trillion dollars whether it be one of their clients has died with no one to leave it to, or whether it be just some random amount of money they seem to have found and they need your help to be able to get it out the country and then they can retire, you can retire and…who knows you could even end up on a space shuttle in an outer orbit.

But follow the advice of my mother, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

So don’t click on a link, hit reply and certainly don’t pick up the phone and speak to this unknown lawyer who is claiming to be the…Bringer… of a large sum of money. Because all they’re after is yours.

So remember with email, it’s better safe, than sorry.

Until next week.

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