So what is USB? IT Support Episode 31

This episode is a “Tale from the Helpdesk” so it’s a user inspired one.  Yes these things happen all the time, but this one immediately got a creative spark, and made it to the editor.

So what really does the “U” mean in USB?  Watch this episode to find out, and hopefully avoid the embarrassment that this user found herself experiencing!

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Harvey with phone headset

“So what is USB?” – IT Support Episode 31

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”.

This week something rather entertaining happened and it comes down to understanding what the “U” stands for in USB. So a certain user was setting up a desk ready for a new member of staff that was starting in a week’s time. Now, the computer has been wiped by one of my team and is ready for this new member of staff to start. I suggested, wouldn’t it be a good idea as we had some spare keyboards and mice lying around on site that are brand new, especially taking COVID into account, that we give them a brand new set and she said, “that’s an excellent idea, I’ll go and get them”.

Knowing that in the cupboard there are some freshly packaged Fujitsu keyboards and mice that were surplus from where the company bought some wireless kits. So off she treks to go and get them.

The next I hear is saying, “Christian, this isn’t going to work.”

I said, “why is that?”

“The keyboard and mouse are Fujitsu and the computer’s a Dell.”

“Uhhh, why is that going to make a difference?”

“Well they won’t fit, they won’t plug in.”

“Oh, um… they should do, I did think that there were some PS/2 ones lying around but I thought we got rid of those, so they should be all right. What’s the problem?”

And up she appears from behind that desk and just puts this up and says, “but it won’t fit.”

And then she looks a little closer.

“Oh”, she says, “I think I’ve been a bit stupid.”

So the next time you think something doesn’t fit in the hole when it looks like it should do, just make sure there’s not a dust cover on the end of it first.

And for those of you who don’t know. The “U” in USB stands for “universal” so it will universally work no matter what the brand is. Which she was pretty certain she worked out by the end. So next time, just so you don’t feel a wally in front of your IT support people, make sure there isn’t a dust cover on the end of the plug first.

Until next time.

(magical finger snap)

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