Why is my cordless keyboard not working? IT Support Episode 4

So this week Captain Christian talks about a support challenge from his earliest days at Northstar IT.  Although according to the engineering crew, this still happens and more than you can possibly imagine!

So watch this vLog for some insight into diagnosing a fault with a wireless or cordless keyboard.  We think this one will make you smile or even roll your own eyes as you watch this one!

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Alien emails.

And for those who prefer to read, than watch here is the content of our latest vlog…

Why is my cordless keyboard not working? IT Support Episode 4.

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week we’ve got another tale from the helpdesk.

This is not a new problem, I can personally vouch for this has been around for years. It’s these, cordless keyboards and mice.

Now I can tell you of an instance where a member of the team of one of my longest standing clients. Yes! I’ve been here, believe it or not, for almost 21 years, and this problem has been around almost as long as that.

This customer rang me on one particular occasion, years and years ago to say that he was having trouble with his pride and joy, his cordless keyboard and mouse on his home computer and he was having a problem, the keyboard had stopped working. So, I ran through some basic diagnostics with him we hauled the dongle out the computer, plugged it into a different USB port. That didn’t work. Tried some other basic diagnostics. The mouse worked, I then asked the question, what I thought was a perfectly reasonable question to ask. “Have you changed the batteries?”

And he said, “are there batteries in it?

I said, “it is a cordless keyboard”.

He said, “well, I knew the mouse had batteries in it but I didn’t know the keyboard did”.


The short story to that, he changed the batteries and a shocker as it may be, the keyboard started working.

So if you’ve got a cordless keyboard and it stops working, can I suggest you try the batteries before you go and plague your poor, overworked and sometimes very stressed IT support engineer.

Until next time!

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