Wired vs Wireless? (Part 3) IT Support Episode 26

This week’s episode continues the topic of networking and covers a vital tip when planning your wired and wireless network.

Captain Christian has already covered the do’s and dont’s of going completely wireless, he’s also covered in the previous episode, how many cables to run, but now he talks about where, and most importantly where to not overlook.

So watch this episode to ensure you maximise the flexibility of your network, and save you money in the longer term.

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“Wired vs Wireless (Part 3)” – IT Support Episode 26

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I’m continuing my topic of, wired versus wireless networks.

So as per a previous episode, we talked about making sure that you’ve got enough cables running around your office but we haven’t talked about specifically where to put them. So this week I want to talk about the wireless network.

Most smaller offices will make the fatal error of running their wireless network from their wireless router. This is the same thing as you’re probably doing at home.

However, I don’t know about your house or office but I can guarantee you the place where my router is both, home and in the office is not in the most sensible place to get good coverage and bandwidth across either my home or my office.

So, a tip for you, we recommend a brand called “Ubiquiti” for our wireless access points. They’re really good, you’ll find them in hotels around the world. And they look a little bit like a flying saucer. And of course where is the logical place to put a flying saucer looking wireless access point?

Yep, you’d guessed it up there. So when you’re running your network cables around your building it’s not just around walls, floors, where the desks are that you need to plan for. It will be sensible to make sure you put some in the ceilings as well and this can not only be limited to wireless access points, CCTV and a host of other devices that will no doubt crop up in the future as well.

The more cables you have the better and certainly in more places. But always consult your IT support people they’ll give you some really good advice to make sure you maximize your investment at the beginning and save money in the long term.

Until next time.

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