Wired vs Wireless? (Part 2) IT Support Episode 25

This week Captain Christian continues the theme of wired verses wireless networks, giving useful advice about how to plan your network. In this episode he talks about a really useful and simple formula to help you with your office or home network infrastructure.  People often ask the question “how many cables should I run?”

Well watch this episode of his vlog to answer that question.

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“Wired vs Wireless (Part 2)” – IT Support Episode 25

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I’m continuing my topic of, wired versus wireless networks.

Following last week’s episode we’re now covering the wired network. You’ve already got the hint no you can’t go completely wireless and that wouldn’t be the best solution even if you could. You’re now planning your wired network infrastructure whether that be for your new home or your new office or it could even be your existing that you’re expanding on.

So how many cables should you run?

Well let’s work on a very simple equation. I’ve been giving this advice to clients for over two decades. When planning your cable runs work
out how many cables you need for today. Simple checklist, computer, telephone, printer.

Of course not every desk has one of everything. Most desks will have a phone and a computer at the very least, not every desk will need a printer, whatever you work out you need it’s a simple equation, double it!

So if you think you need one, put in two. If you think you need two, put in four. If you think it’s four, what is it? Yes, you’re right, it’s easy!

Anyone can manage that equation, and if you follow that rule you will maintain the most flexibility for your office layout whether that be increasing staff or shuffling desks around or in some cases I’ve seen clients take down walls and completely move everything around. In the vast majority of cases you will have enough cabling infrastructure to accommodate your business your home and your future.

And the other caveat to remember. It’s really cheap to add extra cable runs when you’re doing it at the beginning. It’s messy and more expensive to do it later.

So remember, if in doubt, double it.

Until next time.

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