The Bloopers! IT Support Episode 50

In the 50th episode we celebrate mistakes! And Christian says there are no shortage of them being stashed on the ‘cutting room floor’ but our editors have handpicked a selection for you to have a laugh at his expense. So, sit back for a giggle with this selection of outtakes.

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Captain Christian red alert!

For those of you who would rather read about the content of the vlog…

Episode 50: “Bloopers”

Hi, oh you need a blank bit don’t you.

Hi, I’m Christian from… oh no I need a f***

Hi… hi so this

I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”

this w… and

I’ve said this so many times, you think I’d have it perfect by now.

I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”

this one and…

now I can’t remember how much the fine was, well unfortunately

unfortunately where

unfortunately where she lives there happened to be about a quarter of a f***


Until next week… until next time…
another version coming up.

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, ow! That’s hard with a bad back!

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