The Gremlins in the machine – IT Support Episode 11

They’re definitely not a myth, they do exist!  You know and certainly so do we, now add humans into the mix and a ‘splash of water’, or food after midnight…  OK you still shouldn’t eat at your computer, that keyboard…  OK a topic for another episode!

Watch this week’s vlog for insight into the solution to the most common ‘glitch’ you can often experience with a computer which could solve a call to your IT Support knights in shining armour!

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“The Gremlins in the Machine” IT Support Episode 11

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about the Gremlins in your machine.

Everyone has those annoying little niggles in the machine. Not always a case of something that warrants a phone call to your helpdesk and asking,
“I’ve got this problem happening…” or in some users’ case I can tell you YES! They do ring… every time one tiny little thing doesn’t seem to work absolutely perfectly and even on a good day computers do seem to sometimes do odd little things and I’ve even referred to, on some occasions, that computers work perfectly it’s only until users start doing THIS on a keyboard.

However, computers always have had those annoying little gremlins, shall we say, in a machine.


On a day-to-day basis the best thing if it’s just something annoying that doesn’t happen very often. And I know it’s a bit of a standing joke in some quarters of this industry but the first thing I would suggest you do is do a shutdown and restart of your machine, of course if it’s something that keeps happening whether it be a weekly, daily, or worse – several times a day, yes of course, call your IT people.

However if it is just a once in a blue moon thing or what we would describe is a “Gremlin”. Just try shutdown and restart you’d be surprised how many times that solves those annoying, little and usually occasional problems.

Until next time.

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