Do you need temporary internet access? – IT Support Episode 92

Nobody wants to be without internet access. See what Captain Christian recommended when two of his clients were going to be faced with this issue when they were moving between permanent properties.

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“Do you need temporary internet access?” – IT Support Episode 92

Obviously who wants to be without internet access… nobody.

So this year I’ve had two inquiries from clients of mine who have needed a temporary internet access setup while they’re in between permanent properties. Their new homes aren’t going to be ready in time to sell their first one so they’ve agreed a short-term lease but of course they don’t want to pay for a whole two years broadband subscription, when they’re only going to be there for at most maybe eight to ten weeks.

So they approached me about what options they had. Two really simple solutions to this are, either using your smartphone, let’s hope it’s a little newer than one of these, and you can turn on something called a personal hotspot. It then broadcasts a small wireless network in the vicinity of your phone that any device with the right password can then connect to.

Probably the biggest downside to this is it kills the battery life of a phone, not to mention your data allowance on your account as well. The other option is, you can buy something called a “mi-fi box”. And, basically, this is a tiny little box something not much bigger than this really, and you put a mobile data SIM card in it and you can use it as a mobile wireless network on the go.

Same principle applies, you’re going to need to make sure you get the right data allowance for your network, to make sure you don’t end up with huge network charges, but it’s something really convenient. A lot of them are rechargeable so you could use them on holiday, camping, you name it, out and about, but you can get mains powered ones as well.

So, there’s always a solution that fits your needs.

Make sure you speak to your trusted IT support people, we’ve always got a solution for you and if you’re dealing with someone, who has a ‘can’t-do’ head, rather than a ‘can-do’, you know who to call.

Until next time.

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