We’re back to Zoom! IT Support Episode 70

Christian said “right that is Zoom (other platforms are available) is done.  I can’t cover anything more on that that subject.  Nothing.  Not possible”.  Then a call came in from one of Christian’s friends, who works in marketing and was working on a project for a mutual client.

The rest is best left for the video.  Watch to find out more…

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Back to Zoom – IT Support Episode 70

Are you kidding me?

So this week I’ve had a bright idea compliments of a friend of mine who works in marketing. He was having a meeting with one of my clients that he now works for and a third party while the third party was a young man working for a very good digital agency in the South East.

The young man in question still lives at home with mum and dad and so the only place he could have this meeting where he wouldn’t be disturbed
would be in his bedroom. So the meeting was going extremely well, the young man was proving that he knows exactly what he’s doing but during this meeting there was one moment where the young man in question reached to one side to go and grab something and revealed something behind him.

My friend starts getting a Whatsapp message from our mutual client who points out she spotted something in the background that’s made her rather giggle and just going to prove, like I’ve said before, do a recce around in the background about what appears on camera especially from home.

So what was it this time?

And let’s just say he didn’t have a cold.

Can I make a recommendation?

Unless you’ve got a near-perfect background whether it be a plain wall, my office wall at home you can just see a picture, it’s a “Star Trek” picture, unsurprisingly, but aside from that it is a plain blue background.

So if you don’t have the benefit of a plain background to hold an online meeting can I make a suggestion that you use either one of the internal
business appropriate digital backgrounds or have one made up for you. I’ve done something very similar and it certainly hides occasionally a messy background or something that may not look so work appropriate and it will also avoid one of those slightly more entertaining items
appearing in the background.

So until next time.

Wow, I’m not even sure how you can finish that one off.


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