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Captain Christian is focusing on Office 365 from Microsoft this week and in particular their two products Onedrive and Sharepoint. He mentions if you are setting up cloud storage for your business why you should stick to using Sharepoint.

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“What is Sharepoint?” – IT Support Episode 120

Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint.

So, most businesses are using cloud storage in one form or another. What I’m focusing on is Office 365 from Microsoft.

There are two products OneDrive and Sharepoint. Although from the background which my engineers will quickly highlight they’re principally the same thing. However, on the front end they are not and you can do a lot more with Sharepoint than you can do with OneDrive.

So my simple advice for this video, if you are setting up cloud storage for your business make sure you stick to using Sharepoint.

Microsoft are planning to integrate Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook together as a converged communications product, which will be great when we get there. However, make sure you start with Sharepoint and don’t confuse Sharepoint with OneDrive.

Details to follow in the next five episodes.

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Sharepoint only.

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