The power of a reboot – IT Support Episode 95

If you’ve got a problem with your computer, we’ve all heard the saying, “just switch it off and switch it on again” and sometimes it works. Especially if they’ve been kept switched on and not had a reboot for a while.

However, it’s not what you expect to hear when you’re on an aircraft waiting to take off, as happened to Captain Christian recently.

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“The power of a reboot” – IT Support Episode 95

So I’ve just returned from a lovely week in Gran Canaria. On the flight back with one of our Nation’s favourite budget airlines,

– “Would you like a scratch card with that?”

So we’re all on board, sitting and waiting, and then you see something which you really don’t want to see. The picture of a ground engineer arriving in a hi-vis jacket with a screwdriver.

– Oh dear.

Almost two hours later and several engineers, several screwdrivers, the captain comes out on the P.A. and says,

– “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

So one of my friends laughingly turns around and says,

– “Looks like they’ve been watching your videos.”

The aircraft shut down, all the lights go off, the air conditioning stops. It started getting a bit hot, but then everything fires back up again and then the cabin manager comes out on the P.A. to say,

– “Stay f****** calm!”

– “We’ve identified the fault, it’s with one of the toilets.”

– “We’ve got to take the toilets out of action while we clear the fault.”

Problem solved and then we went.

So the moral of this story is, if you’ve got a very trivial problem it’s always a good recommendation to try rebooting your computer, especially as some of you lovely people leave them, switched on for days or weeks on end without a restart.

So remember, if it’s good enough for an airline it’s good enough for you.

And also, I don’t know what those passengers were eating on the flight out but maybe they needed a bit more fibre in their diet.


Until next time.

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