My Zoom isn’t working! – IT Support Episode 51

This week Captain Christian has another tale from our Helpdesk, where he returns to the topic of online meetings.  Just when we think everyone has this…

It is vitally important if you want to participate in a Zoom, Teams or any other online platform meeting that you have the right equipment for the job.  Sometimes the rule applies, buy cheap, buy twice but what if you don’t buy at all?

Watch this episode of Captain Christian’s vlog to find out what happened when a client was invited to a very important Zoom meeting for the first time, and called in when things didn’t work as she expected.

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Episode 51: My Zoom isn’t working!

There’s a really important bit of information you need it’s called a web-cam.

(zoom, zoom)

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I’ve got another tale from the help desk. I want to return back to the topic of online meetings,
whether you’re using Teams, Zoom or another platform.

– Hello

Despite the fact that us coming out of the pandemic a year later hopefully, there are some people who are still new to doing online meetings. So we had one of our clients ring us up yesterday in a bit of a panic she’d been invited to a really important Zoom meeting. She downloaded Zoom, connected into the meeting and she said, “I can hear them, but my computer is not working. I can’t see them and they can’t hear me. I need you to sort it out really urgently.”

So one of the team leaped on it and investigated for her, then found the source of the problem. There still seems to be something us IT people take for granted and we know what assumptions lead to, yes, we won’t repeat it on here, this is a family show.

But… there is something vitally important if you want to participate in an online meeting especially if you’re not using a laptop, you need one of these.

It’s called a web-cam!

It means, they can see you they can hear you and you can fully interact with that online meeting. Modern laptops for years have had webcams installed as standard it’s the little dot thing you see at the top of the screen, in most cases, Dell made a bit of a balls up and put them up at the bottom for some of them, but most desktop screens don’t.

You can buy screens with them, however the standard is without them. So if you want to participate in a Zoom or any other type of online meeting you need one of these and thankfully, unlike 12 months ago, they’re a lot more common and easy to find to buy.

Until next time, zoom zoom!

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