Not all computers are made equal – IT Support Episode 7

This week Captain Christian talks about the differences in why computers aren’t all made equally, and how that can make a difference to YOU! Let’s face it, why spend £599 when you can just spend £300?  Just because you’re not a designer, musician or high-end gamer, doesn’t mean you need to put yourself in the slow lane.

Watch episode 7 of our vlog to see a comical description of what some of the differences are, and perhaps described in a way you can probably relate to, even if you don’t drive!

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We know some people prefer to read, so is the content of this episode…

“Not all computers are made equal” IT Support Episode 7

Hi! This is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about how computers are not all made equal.

It comes up in conversation when talking to some customers that they may have strayed off the beaten track slightly and wandered into a certain retailer which will remain nameless and they’ve seen a computer on the shelf that might cost, let’s say three hundred pounds and they’ve queried, well, why are you quoting something that costs, perhaps double that amount of money when I can just buy a computer like that, still looks the same. And still does the same job and I can still send my emails on it.

Well the answer I thought, let’s compare it to cars. So do you want a Noddy car? Or do you want a sports car?

So when doing your job, when every minute counts, do you want to get there in Noddy time? Or in sporty time?

Of course both computers will, in most cases, do the same job and get you there, sooner or later. But there’s also the case of after-sales support
such as warranties, so when you really need your computer and it does sometimes let you down at the most inconvenient of moments. Which type of warranty
do you want to call upon?

The warranty of the Noddy car…? Or the classy, reliable, well engineered sports car?

I’ll leave it with you.

Until next time!

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