Always have a plan B – IT Support Episode 118

During his recent travels Captain Christian tells how he was ridiculed by some friends, for having paper copies of his travel documents as a backup, in case he couldn’t access them on his phone at the airport. However, as you will see on a recent trip to renew his passport, unfortunately he didn’t heed his own advice.

Captain Christian.

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“Always have a plan B” – IT Support Episode 118

Your IT plan B.

So I’ve recently visited my friends Eric and Ryan in Chicago. When I was preparing to leave I was checking all my documentation to make sure I had everything for the airport. Ryan started to ridicule me because I had paper copies of everything, and I said to him. “Technology is great until it doesn’t work.”

And I’m a fairly laid-back person however, the one place my stress and blood pressure can go through the roof it’s in an airport when something doesn’t work.

So, as a more recent reminder of what happened, my passport is up for renewal and because I’ve got some travel plans coming up I didn’t want to find my passport going missing in the post or finding it taking three months to come through.

However, shout out to the London Passport Office, I booked an express appointment and it was handled brilliantly. I fell foul of my own advice, I’d usually print off a copy of the email with the appointment on it. Rather smugly I thought. “Don’t need it this time I’ve got it on my phone.”

Our hosted email service was having a bit of a glitch at the time and I couldn’t access the email. Thankfully, the very helpful guy on the front door looked at the subject line and that was good enough for him.

You can imagine how stressed I was getting. Thankfully, it all worked out, but it would have been a lot easier had I printed that one document out.

To quote Josh at Tansleys Printers.”Paper is not dead yet.”

Until next time.

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