We can make it BIGGER! IT Support Episode 20

Do you have size issues? Well not that obviously but seeing things on your computer screen?

Are you finding yourself squinting at your screen or leaning forward to read text on icons or the menus, because some of the text is just too small to read comfortably? Well this vlog is especially for you! This week Captain Christian talks about making things BIGGER!

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“We can make it BIGGER!” – IT Support Episode 20

Hi, this is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about making things BIGGER.

Now, it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, a lot of people prefer things bigger. Oh do behave, I’m not talking about that. This is a family show!

I’m talking about the size of things on your computer screen. We’ve all got used to smartphones and tablets and being able to do this. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I even find myself looking at a computer screen and trying to do that. It’s just cause of habit.

However on a regular computer screen, unless you’ve got an impressive laptop or an even more impressive desktop with a touchscreen monitor
you can’t do that. The bigger issue, pardon the pun, a client of mine – you know who you are, called one day to complain that although she has these fancy really great new screens that are much bigger than the one she had before. She was struggling to see the text on the screen. Now this can be the default icon size. Those lovely little pictures that litter your desktop or the menu items on the start menu. She couldn’t quite see the text. And that’s because her new screens work at a higher screen resolution.

This basically means, more dots fit on the screen or for those of you who have got a keen interest in films. It’s a bit like comparing a DVD type screen resolution with a 4k one. Or if you’re a little older remembering what VHS looked like compared to when you got your first DVD player – it was pretty impressive.

The same’s happening on screens with computers. But, the catch is, as you increase the screen size quite often you find that they’ll run at
a higher resolution, so that’ll mean the default text size starts getting smaller, smaller and smaller and you start doing this, at the computer screen or leaning forward which is not very ergonomically sound and will hurt you on the neck.

But what you can do is operate a setting called “Zoom”. Inside Windows and the same will occur in Mac OS X as well, is that you can make these
text sizes a little bit bigger. So if you’re struggling to see what’s on your screen and you’re leaning forward doing this then speak to your IT support so that we can make it bigger.

Until next time.

(magical “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” finger snap)

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