A Christmas Message – IT Support Episode 34

This is our 2020 Christmas message from the Captain, and on behalf of all of us at Northstar IT.

As we reflect back on this year, there is a lot to think about, but a common theme for many will be the impact on our mental health.  So this is what Captain Christian wanted to focus on this year, and highlight the work that a charity he supports as a Trustee for MenTalkHealth.

Christian attended as part of his work for them, the Mental Health England’s course in Meantal Health First Aid, so this year we’ll be helping them to help more people.

Ambassador Harvey in a Christmas Hat

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Keep an eye on subspace (or one of the above channels) for next week’s episode, as the vlogging journey continues.  As this is the last episode before Christmas, Merry Christmas from the Captain, and all of the crew at Northstar IT!

“Christmas Message” – IT Support Episode 34

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and first of all, Merry Christmas!

I hope you’ve been enjoying watching my vlogs through the last six or so months, I can’t believe I’m still doing them to be perfectly honest. It seems like I’m providing a few entertaining little gold nuggets of insight into the IT support market and hopefully some useful information so you can avoid some pitfalls whether they be technical or financial.

The purpose of this message is first of all to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to thank clients of ours for your support through the year. Ordinarily I would have spent a large proportion of December whizzing around delivering Christmas cards and some little thank you gifts to a number of clients.

Obviously, thanks to COVID I’ve not been able to do that this year so what we’re doing is, we’re going to make a donation to charity instead. Some of you will know I’m a trustee for a new Mental Health Charity and if there’s anything 2020 has shown us all it’s the importance of looking after our own mental health, I can speak from personal experience that mine has taken a battering this year. As irrepressible as someone once described my level of positivity even my happy shields have their limits.

In addition to fighting the stigma around mental health and specifically encouraging men to talk about their mental health, we’re hoping to get as many people trained as mental health first aiders as possible, and this donation of a thousand pounds I’m hoping will make a real difference. So rather than me adding to the waistline, this time I’m hoping to do some real good in supporting this very worthy cause and to get their 2021 off to a good start.

So thank you for listening and look after yourselves.

Take care.

(magical finger snap)

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