What you’re getting wrong with Office 365 – IT Support Episode 110

There are lots of changes happening with Office 365 at the moment and in this episode, Captain Christian covers the popular misconception about what you can use a license for with a standard licensed copy of Office 365.

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“What you’re getting wrong with Office 365” – IT Support Episode 110

Hi, I’m Christian from Northstar IT and this week I want to talk about Office 365.

So this week, forgive the cold, a little bit nasally this morning but I’m out of bed.

There are lots of changes that are happening at the moment with Office 365. However, what I want to cover today, is still the very common misconception about what you can use a license for with a standard licensed copy of Office 365.

You can install it on five devices. Very useful for me because I’ve got a computer upstairs in my office, I’ve got one at home back in Brighton and I’ve got a laptop.

So that for me is three. And I only have to pay for one.

But there are plenty of you little darlings out there who believe that five computers means that can be one for you, one for them, one for somebody else, one for them, you get the picture.

However, that is wrong. The five devices has to be for the same person. So if you’re only paying for one copy of Office 365 you can only use it for one person but five devices.

Not five devices for five people. It’s not about trying to cut corners, it’s actually a legal issue.


And F.A.S.T. do do audits in the UK to make sure businesses are compliant.

Nice side step on the do do thing.

And trust me, the fines are excessive.

So if you’ve got any doubt whatsoever about your software licensing remember who to talk to


But if you’ve got any questions specific about your use, don’t forget the comments below.

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Until next week.

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