The flamin’ video button! IT Support Episode 58

As we all start ramping up to return to face to face meetings, like it or not online meetings are here to stay and will not doubt be used in more creative ways as time progresses.  So don’t think you’re off the hook quite yet.  Following an online meeting Captain Christian had recently, he was inspired to record this vlog.

Watch now to see what he’s covering to help you Zoom a little more effectively.

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“The Flamin’ Video Button” IT Support Episode 58

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week, for hopefully the last time, I’m doing online meetings.

So, I don’t know about you, but as I’ve said before, I’m a little zoomed out. There’s a lot of talk about doing more face-to-face meetings and I’m hoping to go and see more of our lovely clients in person very soon.

There has already been a few cheeky meetings, I’ve had a very welcome pub lunch with one of my clients. I’m sure we’re really busting our guts to
actually go and sit and have a proper cup of tea or coffee and maybe a cheeky biscuit with our clients.

I think online meetings like “Zoom” are going to be here for a long time to come, they actually have many benefits, not only being able to quickly jump
on and see people do screen sharing, collaborate some ideas and without sitting on the nation’s favorite car park.

However, you little darlings, are still struggling with some of the basics I’ve already covered the microphone, however it’s back to the video button.
Some of you are still signing in, starting to talk with no camera showing. Let’s face it, that’s called a phone call, people!

But if you’re participating in an online video meeting the camera is an important part of it, so do remember to switch it on, which also means as I’ve covered before, make sure that work attire is appropriate for the meeting and do remember, just in case you need to dash off into the background make sure, whatever you’re wearing below is suitable for the camera too.

Don’t just remember what you’re wearing, it’s what’s around you, too.

We’ve seen many entertaining examples flying around social media where there’s something in the background that shouldn’t really be on display for that meeting so if you want to avoid embarrassment, maybe do a test shot first and do remember, these online meetings are here to stay.

Until next time, zoom zoom.

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