Our 22nd Anniversary – IT Support Episode 55

Where has the time gone? According to Captain Christian “only the grey hair can answer that!”  This week Northstar IT celebrates its 22nd anniversary, as it all started on 25th May 1999.  Christian says “I’m so proud of what we’ve built so far, but there is so much more we can do, and will.”

Christian reflects that over the years there have been many challenges (more to come no doubt), some are personal, some business and of course the technical ones we wouldn’t be here without. But in this week’s vlog Christian has chosen to focus on one of his favourite technical encounters, which does have some important lessons from it too.

So watch to find out more…

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For those who prefer a read…

“22nd Anniversary” IT Support Episode 55

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week we celebrate our 22nd anniversary in business.

Yes, I can’t believe it. The business started on the 25th of May 1999 with the build-up to dealing with the year 2000 bug, for those of you who can
even remember what that is. I can’t believe where the time has gone, it seems to have literally flown by. When I look in the mirror and see the grey hair here and here I’ve got a constant reminder of the fact that where the time has gone.

Now, our customers have produced many entertaining stories over the years of their inability to use computers correctly but that keeps us busy and we’re very thankful to you. This is one story however that always springs to mind there is a moral to it and also a little entertainment as well, so Andy this one is for you.

So, one Saturday many many moons ago, I was doing an investigation job for a client I was told by the boss you can log in and use Andy’s computer he won’t be in on a Saturday but true to form Andy did something unexpected he actually turned up in the office.

– “Don’t worry Christian, I’ll use one of the other computers in the main office and leave you to it”. A few minutes later he called me and said, “Everything’s working fine, except I need to use the local printer to this computer. Could you connect me up please?”

– “That’s not a problem Andy, open windows explorer…”

Well there was the first problem, Andy had incorrectly assumed I meant “Internet Explorer”. Yes that’s showing the age of this call. We managed to get past that and get him into “Windows Explorer”.

Which a useful tip for you, press the “Windows Flag” key on the keyboard and press the letter “e” and that will bring it straight up for you. In the address bar Andy put in “backslash backslash, the name of the server, backslash” and press enter and that’ll bring all the file shares up and the list of printers as well.

– “Andy, you are using the backslash, aren’t you? It’s the one where it goes from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner and it’s to the left of the spacebar.”

– “Okay”, he said, “I’m using the wrong one”.

So we got that corrected.

– “Once the printer had appeared, all you need to do on it is right click and click “connect” and that will install the printer and then you can use it.”

– “You are right clicking, aren’t you?”

– “Well which one’s the right click??!”

– “It’s the opposite of the left.”

I won’t repeat the words that Andy yelled back at me down the phone, but let’s just say then we got him connected to the printer and he carried on working.

So, the moral of this story, it’s just like a car, when using a computer the left and the right, the forward and the backwards are equally as important
and never assume anything.

Until next time.


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