Bloopers – IT Support Episode 75

In the tradition of marking milestones with blooper episodes, Captain Christian shares another one to celebrate 75 episodes of his technology vlog. As you can see with this latest selection of outtakes, it’s the little things that can catch you out. So, enjoy and have a giggle at his expense!

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Captain Christian red alert!

Celebrating 75 Episodes! – IT Support Episode 75

Hi, I’m Christian from Northstar IT and this week we celebrate our 22nd, we celebrate our twent-argh, f*** sake.

Here we go again.

Bloody hell.


Oh this is going to be trouble isn’t it.

Remember to press the record button this time.

I’m sure we’re all.


They need to go at the same order at the same.

They need to go in the same.

They need to go in the same order at both ends.




We can.

We…oh s***

Big box, little box, cardboard box and pony.

Oh well that’s for outtakes.



Blah blah blah blah blah


Phone’s not on mute.

F****** hand dryer.

You need to cut that bit out.

Blooper it away. Whatever.

So, until next time…

Yeah I guess that’s alright.

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