Ooops I didn’t mean to print that! IT Support Episode 22

This one was inspired by our own Queen of “PICNIC” client. I’ll cover what PICNIC stands for on another upcoming episode, perhaps in the Spring.

She was talking on the phone to Christian during her first day back to the office, as life started to return to the new ‘norm’ and she wanted some advice about a CRM system. So they were having a chat about that.

Well while talking she clearly did something she didn’t intend do, which he quickly assumed was hitting the print button on a LARGE document.

It’s worth noting that Captain Christian gave this client a preview of this episode, and she laughed her head off and said “I bet you could make an entire series of episodes based on me!”

The Important of Backups

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“Ooops! I didn’t mean to print that!” – IT Support Episode 22

Hi, this is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I’ve got a tale from our help desk.

A little after lockdown I had a phone call from a client, she and a few colleagues had just returned to the office and were starting to fly back into work. She had a few questions about a quote that she’d asked me to do before lockdown happened but clearly, while trying to multitask, you know that thing we should never do.

I always believe it’s better to do one thing well rather than several things badly but then I’m also a man, so I know that I’m only good at doing one thing at a time, and then all of a sudden some expletives started flying down the phone line that I wasn’t expecting to hear her say.

I quickly realised what had happened she’d hit “Print” on something she didn’t mean to and I’m guessing it was a rather large document. So she goes running over to the printer several more colourful words coming out of her mouth and yells across the office.

“How do I stop it printing? I know I’m not supposed to turn it off or pull the paper tray out”.


Someone else yells back, “press the Stop button!”

She goes, “where’s the Stop button?”

and I just said down the phone. “It’s the big red button that’s marked “Stop””.

“Oh yeah…”

I guess that’ll be a “PICNIC” problem, that’s one for another episode. So just remember if you print something in error, especially if it’s a large document.

Go to the printer, calmly and look for the “Stop” button, and always, “don’t panic Mr. Mainwaring”, keep calm and carry on.

Until next week!

(finger snap like in the Dad’s Army)

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