Are your emails legal? IT Support Episode 48

Captain Christian has produced a new vlog to help you keep your emails in a legal fashion, if you are working for a private limited company (ltd) or even a Public Limited Company (Plc) too in the UK.  It seems so many people are missing of vital and legally required information from their email footers.  Please note, this INCLUDES mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Leaving the “sent from iPhone” as an example is NOT a get our clause!

Watch his latest video to help you avoid an unnecessary and unexpected fine.

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Episode 48: Are your emails legal?

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about your email footers.

So when it comes to official business communications in the UK it is as important as a letterhead and there’s some important information that is legally required to be on a letterhead and the same applies when it comes to email footers. That information includes if you’re a private or a public limited company probably more likely private limited if you’re watching this vLog which includes your official company registered address, which quite often differs from your trading address, your registered number, whether you’re registered in England and Wales or Scotland and of course if you’re mentioning anything financial that also includes VAT, you also need to have your VAT number on there.

This applies to other official company documentation as well but for the purposes of this vLog we’re talking about email footers. If you don’t get this right and this includes if you’re sending email from a smartphone or a tablet and I know from experience they’re not the easiest of devices to be able to put email footers on but it does include those and believe it or not, we’ve even got a PLC based supplier we get quotes from where they’re sending it without an email footer on, so public companies can’t get it right all the time either however fine, if investigated, can be as high as a £1000 for getting it wrong! Yet it’s something so simple to both: get right and to manage if you’ve got lots of devices.

We even have a simple solution that only costs £1+VAT a month per user and we can take this challenge away. Any IT company can help with this and help take that headache away from you. You can even make sure you put on special offers or in the case of our email footers, one of our much cherished customer testimonials.

So remember when it comes to your email footers, make sure you’re on the right side of the law!

Until next time…

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