No Signal Detected – IT Support Episode 13

No this is not an advert for SETI! Or a trailer for the latest sci-fi blockbuster, but Captain Christian is available for special appearances. He can beam down by special arrangements to an office near you.

But as users return to their desks, the once well-established habits are now long forgotten. Captain Christian comes to the rescue with his latest vlog! Check out this episode of the Captain’s vlog to find out how to save a call to the IT Helpdesk, when you return to your desk and see “No Signal Detected” on your computer screen.

You can also subscribe to the vlog on these social media channels, so you won’t miss any future episodes, and you’ll will be notified as they are released.  We’ve now added IGTV to the list too just to help make sure you don’t miss an episode.


Until next week’s exciting episode…

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