The Morning After – IT Support Episode 62

We all have one of those days, and we’re sure there were plenty with tender heads on Monday morning, following the Euro 2020 final.  But it could easily be a wedding, a birthday party or just a well overdue social event.  Let’s face it, we’re all playing a little bit of catch up following all these lockdowns.

These are the times when you’re more likely to be caught off guard and do something you wouldn’t usually do, and that can affect your cyber security and your precious files.

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“The morning after” – IT Support Episode 62

I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and no matter which team you’ve supported, this one is for you.

So this morning I was giving it some thought back to the Euros and when is it one of those sensitive times that you lovely people are likely to do something really dumb.

Yes, it’s the morning after a heavy night out and I thought the Monday after the finals there’s gonna be some very, very tender heads about.

However, no matter which team you supported, win, lose or draw, well obviously there’ll be no draw because somebody’s got to win, there’s going to be some supporters that are feeling a little fragile on the next morning and still doing this and it’ll be one of those moments whether you click on a link on an email you shouldn’t have done and whether you end up releasing a ransomware attack on your computer, delete data you shouldn’t have been deleted, that wasn’t backed up because you’ve not been checking your back up or you’re one of those really naughty people who have let the subscription expire.

You know those mornings. So this is a reminder.

Don’t fall foul of a heavy night out and doing something silly with your data, it’s always best to make sure you’ve got every protection you can have in place and there’s going to be some episodes coming up covering things like ransomware.

So if in doubt, speak to your IT people to make sure you’ve got everything protected for those tender mornings after a heavy night no matter which team you supported.

Until next time you.

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